Baltic cities tackle lifestyle related diseases

Breath in – Breath out

The first co-creation workshop in Seinäjoki

The BaltCityPrevention project aims to promote healthy lifestyle amongst adolescents in the Baltic Sea Region. The project pilots are progressing well as the final year of the project has started. In Seinäjoki the project partners Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences and Seinäjoki Social and Primary Health Care Center have chosen promoting the nicotine-free lifestyle as their project pilot. The aim is to create a mobile application to support the reducing or giving up the use of nicotine products (such as tobacco or snus). The mobile application includes different small tasks that are meant to distract, activate or calm down the user, so that the urge to smoke or take snus would pass. These small tasks are physical activities, breathing and writing exercises and a game.

The other main aim of the BaltCityPrevention is to develop the cooperation between PHA (public health authorities) and small and medium-sized companies. The mobile application development process has supported this aim very well. The co-creation process started with the kick-off meeting where the project team and the SME (VALAKIA Interactive) discussed the hopes and ideas for the application. Based on this discussion VALAKIA Interactive developed a prototype for the application. The prototype was presented to the group of vocational school students (all smokers) in the first co-creation workshop. During the workshop, the students expressed many ideas and gave valuable feedback on the application activities. The co-creation workshop with the participatory approach was a very fruitful experience. After the workshop, we were able to decide on improvements and changes. The further development of the mobile application continues and the pilot starts at the beginning of 2020. We are all already looking forward to it!