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eHealth for Regions - New design, new platform

With the start of the new year the "eHealth for Regions" team developed a new design of the network. Everything is new - the logo, the website and an own site on LinkedIn.

eHealth for regions logo

New design

After more than ten years eHealth for Regions changed its corporate identity and the network members are happy to present you the new design. The logo reflects the passion for eHealth in connection with the strong networking character.

Furthermore, a new website should give interested people the possibility to get a deeper insight in the network activities. Information about the network projects and partners, the vision and a lot of other topics are available.

New way of communication

Additionally, to the totally changed design the network provides a new way of communication. Besides the Twitter account @eHealth4Regions a LinkedIn page has been started. On this channel the Management Secretariat and all partners inform about news, events and interesting topics in connection with eHealth.

We are looking forward to having a great exchange with interested eHealth partners.

Just search "eHealth for regions" in LinkedIn or click here to follow us!



About the eHealth for Regions Network

The eHealth for Regions Network is an association of stakeholders in the health sector. It is an incubator for innovative projects and facilitates the transnational cooperation on eHealth. With these activities the network wants to create a common European eHealth area.

You can develop new project ideas, share information or cooperate with network partners within transnational projects.

It looks forward to the joint work in fostering eHealth in the European regions!