Baltic cities tackle lifestyle related diseases

EiNi application is now available

In Seinäjoki the project partners Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences and Seinäjoki Social and Primary Health Care Center have continued promoting the nicotine-free lifestyle as the project pilot. The EiNi-App was created to support the reducing or giving up the use of nicotine products (such as tobacco or snus).

Read more about the application and first phases of the co-creation process in our previous news.

The second and the last co-creation workshop together with vocational school students and with the SME Valakia Interactive was held on 10 February at the vocational school Sedu.

The group of vocational school students had tested the EiNi-App from two to four weeks. During the workshop, the students shared their experiences and gave feedback on the application. The students were mainly satisfied with the application and it was seen as a helpful tool. However, they also proposed some changes and improvements. The students were e.g. interested in getting notifications on health benefits they gain when they quit smoking. The information on health benefits was seen more important than information on the financial effects of smoking.

Before the COVID19 crisis, the application was presented at two regional project fairs in Seinäjoki. Many visitors were intrigued by it and the idea got a lot of positive feedback.

The EiNi-App is now available at Play store and App store. You can download it free, but it is only available in Finnish.