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eTool Estonia - a chatbot for mental health

In our new short series we present existing or planned eTools from different countries. We are starting with the eTool that will be developed in the Estonian pilot.

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The Estonian eTool should be a chatbot. It is an anonymous chat for teenagers in Estonia who feel that they have depression and seek help from specialists. There is no log in or account required.

The chats with the teen, should estimate the level of the problem, give recommendations or connect straight to a specialist. The program gives fast responses and fills in the time while finding a therapist in the background if needed. Furthermore, it is possible to seek information about depression and test the level of your depression. These functions will work in co-operation with a psychology website that targets to the youth:

The solution should also provide a solid business plan where to get initial funding and rough estimates on maintenance costs. The team also linked their idea to government policy goals (on health prevention) and how this solutions fits into these goals.