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eTool Germany - wearables for more physical activity

The students tested the Mi Band 2 and the app Mi Fit to evaluate the user experience. The City of Flensburgs aims to develop an own app for more physical activity with the results from their workshops.

MiBand 2

Screenshot of the Mi Fit App

Screenshot of the Mi Fit App

Mi Band 2 (Xiaomi) & Mi Fit app

To improve the physical activity of adolescents in Flensburg, we’re developing our own e-solution. In cooperation with an SME a mobile application will be designed. In the process we tested an existing etool, the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 and the pertinent Mi Fit app with a group of students. The Mi Band 2 is a wearable, that counts steps and the distance covered while running/walking, measures the heart rate or/and burned calories and collects data of your sleep behaviour. Moreover, the Mi Fit App illustrates the daily, weekly, and monthly history for steps, sleep and heart rate.

The students have tested the Mi Band 2 and the functions of the app for three to four weeks. To make this process more exciting we created challenges which they had to accomplish as a group. For example: “300 active hours: Achieve together at least 300 active hours. Each movement will be tracked and summed up at the end. Get off the couch!“

The experiences of the students with the Mi Band 2 and the Mi Fit app are going to be evaluated. The results will be considered in the development and the design thinking process of our own mobile application.