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First Healthy Kids Minihack in Seinäjoki - finding new ways to cooperate

The first Healthy Kids Minihack was organized last week in Seinäjoki.

Impression of the Minihack

The multi professional groups discussed together how to create and develop digital innovations to support the wellbeing of children and the youth. This first Healthy Kids Minihack focused on two challenges; the one presented the physically active day care center of the future and the other new tools and solution to support the nicotine free lifestyle amongst youngsters.

The Minihack method proved to be a great new way for public health authorities to join hands with the business. Strengthening the cooperation between public health authorities and small and medium sized enterprises and finding new ways to cooperate are main aims of the BaltCityPrevention –project. In the end four hours was maybe a bit too short time for finding new concrete solutions, but the event provided an excellent opportunity to network and discuss the matters in a relaxed atmosphere.