Baltic cities tackle lifestyle related diseases



Work Package 2 - Capacity Building in Public Health Authorities


Analyzing the need and requirements of Public Health Authorities

✔ Internal working paper on needs and requirement of PHAs

Creating the intervention model and three toolboxes

Prevention intervention model for testing in WP3

Toolbox for assessment of end-user needs

Toolbox for behaviour change

Toolbox for initiating and organizing the development of new health apps

Initiating knowledge exchange between public health authorities

✔ Online Platform for exchange between public health authorities


Building knowledge how to better customize prevention intervention

❒ Videos, tutorials and webinars on the betterprevention platform

Work Package 3 - Testing the prevention intervention model


Setting up the pilot environment

✔ Action plans for pilot interventions

Testing the intervention model and the tools

Overview of our pilots:



Intervention theme

User group

Used methods

Used eTool

Fact sheets


Seinäjoki Social and Health Centre and Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences

Smoking prevention

Adolescents (13 to 17 – year-old)

Focus group, motivational interview, workshops


Detailed information


City of Flensburg

Physical activity

Adolescents (14 to 17 – year-old)

Focus group, design thinking

App for physical activity

Detailed information


Estonian Family Doctors´ Society

Mental health

Adolescents (15 to 16- year-old)

Focus group, motivational interviewing, Hackathon

Evidence-based platform


Detailed information


Center for Health Education and Diseases Prevention (CHEDP)


Adolescents (11 to 14 -year- old)

World café, Quiz, digital method, nutrition and exercising sessions, SCAMPER

Apps: “mano mityba”, “Fit”, “Walk Tracker”, “Weight Tracker”


Detailed information


City Council Liepaja


Adolescents (11 to 17-year-old) and their families

Motivational interviewing, different group trainings

Garmin Vivo sport bracelets

Detailed information


City of Poznan

Alcohol prevention

Adolescents (13- to 19- year old


"Your choice" app supporting the therapists working within the area of the young people’s addictions



Detailed information

❒ Report on the testing phase and if required revision of the intervention model and the toolboxes

❒ Publication of an evidence-based model

Work Package 4 - Initiating matchmaking among public health authorities and Health IT SMEs


Developing a catalogue of Health IT SMEs

Catalogue of Health IT SMEs 

Needs and requirement analysis of SMEs

  Report on the needs and requirements of SMEs

Matchmaking and networking of SME among themselves as well as SMEs with PHAs

❒ Institutionalized matchmaking scheme

❒ Initialized cross-sector cooperation between PHAs and health IT companies (for example our BarCamp in Flensburg)