Baltic cities tackle lifestyle related diseases



Work Package 2 - Capacity Building in Public Health Authorities


Analyzing the need and requirements of Public Health Authorities

✔ Internal working paper on needs and requirement of PHAs

Creating the intervention model and three toolboxes

✔ Prevention intervention model for testing in WP3

✔ Toolbox for assessment of end-user needs

✔ Toolbox for behaviour change

✔ Toolbox for initiating and organizing the development of new health apps

Initiating knowledge exchange between public health authorities

❒ Online Platform for exchange between public health authorities

Building knowledge how to better customize prevention intervention

❒ Videos, tutorials and webinars on the betterprevention platform

Work Package 3 - Testing the prevention intervention model


Setting up the pilot environment

✔ Action plans for pilot interventions

Testing the intervention model and the tools

❒ Report on the testing phase and if required revision of the intervention model and the toolboxes

❒ Publication of an evidence-based model

Work Package 4 - Initiating matchmaking among public health authorities and Health IT SMEs


Developing a catalogue of Health IT SMEs

Catalogue of Health IT SMEs 

Needs and requirement analysis of SMEs

✔ Report on the needs and requirements of SMEs

Matchmaking and networking of SME among themselves as well as SMEs with PHAs

❒ Institutionalized matchmaking scheme

❒ Initialized cross-sector cooperation between PHAs and health IT companies