Baltic cities tackle lifestyle related diseases

Work Packages


Work Package 1 - Project management and administration

WP 1 includes the complete project management and administration. In WP 1, the lead partner is responsible for having an overview of the whole project management, coordinating tasks and structures and leading the financial management.

Work Package 2 - Capacity Building in Public Health Authorities

WP 2 comprises the joint creation of an intervention model which is intended to serve the prevention and health promotion of children and adolescents. The target group of the project are the Public Health Authorities (PHA), who are provided with the intervention model and other tools to enable children and adolescents to change their health behavior. WP 2 is divided into seven Group of Activities. In these, the project partners work together with the experts of PHA to develop an intervention model as well as tools/method boxes to

  1. assessing end-user need
  2. achieving behavioral change among the user group
  3. facilitating the development of new eHealth applications.

In summary, the work in WP 2 refers to the content aspects of the project, for example the preparatory work for the actual pilot phase.

Work Package 3 - Testing the prevention intervention model

WP 3 contains exclusively the testing of the intervention model as well as the provided toolboxes. In a 12-month testing phase, the PHAs perform the intervention model with children and adolescents. For this framework, the PHAs in the partner countries have chosen different critical health behaviors. These include wrong nutrition, lack of activity and the critical use of alcohol and drugs. WP 3 also includes the entire evaluation of the intervention model and the associated toolboxes for the various steps of the intervention.

Work Package 4 - Initiating matchmaking among public health authorities and Health IT SMEs

Another aim of the project is to support and promote cooperation between PHA and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). This task is the main component of WP 4. In addition, the project partners in WP 4 are attempting to establish, maintain and pass on contacts to SMEs. Working together, supporting each other and developing cooperations, especially in the area of eHealth, is one of the general objectives of the project.